Achille Ratti Elected Pope Pius XI

Achille Ratti Elected Pope Pius XI

Achille Ratti, Pope Pius XI
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Achille Ratti is elected Pope Pius XI. This soon after World War I, many are still recovering from the devastation and a few still seem hungry for further conflict.

Achille Ratti's fundamental fear of modernism, something he shares with his predecessors, will lead him to support Francisco Franco, the leader of fascism in Spain, as well as sign concordats with fascist leaders Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. According to Achille Ratti's way of thinking, it will be better to have repressive fascists in power if they also support traditional social structures than democratically elected leaders who might undermine traditional social structures.

It's order and tradition — especially Christian tradition — which Achille Ratti's primary concern, not liberty, freedom, or democarcy.

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