Birth of Josef Frings, Future Archbishop of Cologne

Birth of Josef Frings, Future Archbishop of Cologne

Josef Frings
Source: Markus Schweiss

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Josef Frings is born in Neuss, Germany. Frings will become Archbishop of Cologne in 1942 and one of the few high-ranking Catholic leaders to be an outspoken critic of both the Nazi German government and Nazi policies generally.

He even goes so far as to describe the persecution of the Jews in Germany as "himmelschreiendes Unrecht" (a crime that cries out to heaven), an unusual statement because most Catholic leaders will have little if anything to say on the matter. It is only because of Josef Frings' widespread popularity with the people that he is able to avoid retaliation by the government, but the Gestapo will keep a close watch on him with a network of informers — including informers within the clergy.

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