French Catholic Paper Complains Jews are Everywhere and Own Everything Hot

French Catholic Paper Complains Jews are Everywhere and Own Everything

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The French Catholic newspaper La Croix publishes an article by Father Francois Picard, head of the Assumptionist order behind the journal, declaring that Jewish bankers and that they are behind all of Europe's problems.

Picard writes:

"To whom do the treasuries of Prussia, of Austria, of the German provinces belong? To the Jewish bankers of Frankfurt, Vienna, and Berlin."

The increasing influence of synagogues cause the

"financial disasters that befall so many families ...showing us the all-powerful Jew atop his golden throne and modern societies under the yoke of this gutless king. What do the collapse of nations, the destruction of families, people's desperation, and the raft of suicides matter to him? The Jew ...seeks financial monopoly. He stops at nothing to obtain it."

The claim that Jews own everything, and furthermore that they acquired their possessions through fraud and deception, is a popular one among anti-Semites. It will often be used as an excuse to take property away from Jews - after all, since they essentially stole it from Christians originally, it's simply a form of self-defense for Christians to take it all back.

Father Francois Picard goes on to say:

"The Jew is everywhere a Jew and nothing but a Jew."

Traditional Catholic anti-Semitism is supposed to be entirely religious in nature, not racial. Catholic apologists, trying to defend Catholic Christianity against charges that it helped paved the way for the Holocaust, typically argue that their traditional anti-Semitism is completely different from the racial anti-Semitism of the Nazis.

Here, however, we find in a Catholic publication a clear description of Jews along racial lines. Although there is a technical distinction between religious and racial anti-Semitism, this is not a distinction which is typically maintained in the real world.

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