Death Penalty for People Smuggling Money or Goods and Hoarding is Authorized

Death Penalty for People Smuggling Money or Goods and Hoarding is Authorized

Adolf Hitler, 1936

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The government of Nazi Germany issues the "Law Against Economic Sabotage," which authorizes the death penalty for people who smuggle money or goods abroad or who are found to be hoarding goods. This decree is aimed largely at Jews who are fleeing Nazi persecution, but it also impacts other Germans who recognize just how much of a threat the Nazis are and are trying to leave.

The new decree states:

"A German citizen who consciously, without scruple, for clearly selfish reasons or other base purposes, transfers property abroad against legal restrictions or allows property to remain abroad contrary to such restrictions, thereby seriously damaging the German economy, shall be punished with the death penalty. His property shall be confiscated by the State. The accused person is likewise guilty if the crime is committed in a foreign country. Judgment shall be passed by the Peoples Court."


Holocaust Survivor Henry Mikols Testimony

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