N.Y. Bishop Manning Stops Lecture by Judge Who Advocates Companionate Marriage

N.Y. Bishop Manning Stops Lecture by Judge Who Advocates Companionate Marriage

Bishop William T. Manning

William T. Manning, U.S. Episcopal bishop of New York, prevents Judge Ben Lindsey of Denver from delivering a lecture before the New York Churchmen's Association. Bishop Manning objects to Lindsey's advocacy of "companionate marriage."

Lindsey proposes to counter rising divorce rates by institutionalizing one year "test" marriages, after which couples can separate freely if they find they are incompatible.

Bishop Manning is only an honorary member of the New York Churchmen's Association, but he orders Lindsey's invitation be revoked anyway because the subject of his lecture is to be "The Institution of Marriage." Many within the group object to Bishop Manning's behavior because he is interfering with freedom of speech and is "telling gentlemen what they shall hear and what they shall not hear."

Bishop Manning is already infamous for leading the fight to force the City University of New York to withdraw their offer of a professorship to British philosopher Bertrand Russell because he is an atheist.

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