Pope Eugene III Proclaims Second Crusade to Retake Territory Lost

Pope Eugene III Proclaims Second Crusade to Retake Territory Lost

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In the bull Quantum Praedecessores, Pope Eugene III proclaims the Second Crusade in an effort to retake territory once again coming under the control of Muslim forces. This is the first papal bull which is specifically about launching a crusade, though the papacy will play no significant role in the crusade itself.

Quantum Praedecessores will be sent directly to the French king, Louis VII, and although he had been contemplating a Crusade on his own, he will choose to ignore the pope's call to action at first.

The most immediate cause of this bull was the loss of Edessa almost one year ago. Representatives from the other Crusader States have since arrived at the papal court and are asking for help to secure their borders.

The Second Crusade will, for the most part, be a failure. The armies of Conrad III of Germany and Louis VII of France will be mostly destroyed as they march through Anatolia. With what's left they attempt to support the Siege of Damascus, but that ends in a rout.

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