Death of Pope Zephyrinus

Death of Pope Zephyrinus

Pope Zephyrinus

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Pope Zephyrinus dies in Rome. His predecessor becomes known as an early example of a strong pope, but Pope Zephyrinus has been almost the exact opposite. He has been accused of a wide variety of errors and faults, but everything seems to come back to his inability to act in defense of orthodoxy and his willingness to allow heresy to continue unchallenged.

During the reign of Pope Zephyrinus, heresies such as Adotionism, Montanism, and Sabellianism have gained a great deal of ground. His primary critic with regards to growth of heresies has been Hippolytus, a Roman presbyter. Zephyrinus has also been accused of being too much under the control of Callistus, an archdeacon who will succeed Zephyrinus. Upon Callistus' election, Hippolytus will be elected pope by a schismatic group and thus becomes the Catholic Church's very first antipope.

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