Mitt Romney: Obama is Inspired by European Social Democrats Hot

Mitt Romney: Obama is Inspired by European Social Democrats

Mitt Romney, 2008

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Mitt Romney suggests that President Barack Obama is being inspired by socialists in Europe where as he, Romney, prefers American-style freedom.

"Sometimes I wonder whether [Obama] takes his political inspiration from the social Democrats of Europe. I don't think Europe is working there. I sure don't think Europe will work here.

I happen to believe that we got it right and they got it wrong. I believe in freedom and opportunity, American-style."

- Speech during a visit to the Iowa State Fair

Mitt Romney seems unaware of the fact that by most measurements, European nations are at least as free as the United States and, in some cases, more so. There are also higher levels of entrepreneurship in some European nations than in America — and in part because of their stronger social welfare safety nets. 


Mitt Romney = European Gaffe Machine

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