La Crosse Mayor Won't Appeal Court Order to Remove Ten Commandments

La Crosse Mayor Won't Appeal Court Order to Remove Ten Commandments

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In La Crosse, Wisconsin, Mayor John Medinger vetoes the city council decision to appeal a federal court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the Cameron public park.

U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Crabb ordered last month the removal of the monument, ruling in favor of the Freedom From Religion Foundation which filed a lawsuit against the city.

Mayor John Medinger writes in a letter:

"Some have suggested that an appeal could cost another $50-100,000. We cannot afford this and before anyone suggests otherwise, there is no free lunch or free attorneys either."

The city council vote was 15-2 in favor of appealing and only 12 votes are needed to override a mayoral veto.


Thom Hartmann: If the Ten Commandment monument is legal then how about a Koran Monument?

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