Last Known Photograph of Madalyn Murray O'Hair is Taken Hot

Last Known Photograph of Madalyn Murray O'Hair is Taken

Jon O'Hair, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Robin Murray-O'Hair

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The last known photograph of Madalyn Murray O'Hair is taken. Before the end of the month she, her son Jon Garth, and her granddaughter Robin O'Hair, will be kidnapped by David Waters and two accomplices.

The O'Hair family will be forced to empty personal and business accounts to give money to Waters before they are killed, dismembered, and buried at a Texas ranch.

Despite significant evidence that there is something suspicious about their disappearance as well as clues about what might have really happened, the Austin Police Department will do little to seriously investigate the disappearance of the O'Hair family. It's not until 2001 that David Waters finally confesses and the remains of the family are found.


Godless In America: Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Part 6

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Madalyn Murray-O'Hair