Jim Bakker Suffers Breakdown in Attorney's Office Hot

Jim Bakker Suffers Breakdown in Attorney's Office

Jim Bakker, 1989

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During his trial for fraud and conspiracy, Jim Bakker suffers a breakdown in his attorney's office. According to his psychiatrist, his initial diagnosis is that Bakker suffers from "acute depression and confusional reaction with episode decomposition in which he loses the ability to adequately judge and relate to reality."

In response to this information, U.S. District Judge Robert Potter suspends the trial and orders Jim Bakker hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation in order to determine if he is competent to stand trial.

Dr. Basil Jackson, a psychiatrist who has been treating Jim Bakker for the past nine months, tells the court:

"He was lying in the corner of his attorney's office with his head under a couch, hiding. He was expressing thoughts that someone was going to hurt him. ...

Mr. Bakker reported that when he left the courthouse, suddenly people outside took on the form of frightening animals which he felt were intent on destroying him, attacking him, and hurting him. ...

Yesterday he was actively hallucinating. At this time he is not able to adequately help counsel in his defense or participate in a rational manner in these proceedings. He would not be able to participate for at least two weeks."


Arrest of Jim Bakker — PTL scandal

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