Bowen v. Kendrick: Federal Funds Can Be Used for Religious Counseling

Bowen v. Kendrick: Federal Funds Can Be Used for Religious Counseling

Chief Justice William Rehnquist

Decided: Bowen v. Kendrick — The Supreme Court rules 5-4 to allow federal funds to be given to religious organizations offering counseling consistent with the purposes advocated in the Adolescent Family Life Act.

Chief Justice William Rehnquist writes in the majority opinion:

"We do not think the possibility that AFLA grants may go to religious institutions that can be considered "pervasively sectarian" is sufficient to conclude that no grants whatsoever can be given under the statute to religious organizations. ...

On an issue as sensitive and important as teenage sexuality, it is not surprising that the Government's secular concerns would either coincide ... with those of religious institutions."

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