Francis Diamond Placed in Psychiatric Hospital, Blames Scientology Church Hot

Francis Diamond Placed in Psychiatric Hospital, Blames Scientology Church

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Francis G. Diamond, an businessman from Clearwater, Florida, is committed to a psychiatric hospital after a psychiatrist testifies that his mental breakdown has been contributed to by Scientology.

According to Diamond, "thetans" have invaded his body and are now controlling him.

Dr. Martin David Adams explains to Circuit Judge William Walker that Diamond didn't show any signs of mental illness before getting involved with the Church of Scientology, but now he's been diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenic delusions:

"Now his preoccupation is with the Church of Scientology, and his interest seems to focus on ridding himself of the influences directed by the Church of Scientology. How he'll function in the future depends on whether he feels the Church of Scientology's effects and influences will continue."

Diamond says that the thetans made him close his business, sell of his inventory, and live in a car:

"It's 100 percent Scientology's fault that I'm here. I'm not the same person. I have three OTs (operating thetans) in me."


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