Julie C. Titchbourne Wins Lawsuit Against Church of Scientology Hot

Julie C. Titchbourne Wins Lawsuit Against Church of Scientology

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In Portland, Oregon, Julie C. Titchbourne wins more than $2.5 million in damages against the Church of Scientology. According to Titchbourne, Scientology defrauded her because it failed to fulfill promises of improving her life.

Circuit Court Judge Robert P. Jones had told jurors that if they thought that the church's promises were religious in nature as well as sincere, then the church is protected by state and federal constitutional guarantees.

The jury decided that the defendants — the Church of Scientology of Portland; the Scientology Mission of Davis in Portland; and the Delphian Foundation — did indeed commit fraud.

Julie C. Titchbourne is awarded $2 million in punitive damages, $500,000 for anguish and suffering, and $3,000 reimbursement for court fees. Titchbourne says she will use the money to study engineering in college. Her attorney described her experiences with Scientology as "an Orwellian horror story," and she herself says that she was led to believe that Dianetics was a "science of the mind as probable as any equation in mathematics or physics and it works every time."

The Church of Scientology condemns the verdict:

"This decision is a blow to all of those who cherish the right to practice their religion free from the harassment of psychiatrists and deprogrammers who have appointed themselves self-styled inquisitors."


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