Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine Attacks El Al Israel Airlines Crew Bus in London

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In London, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) attacks an El Al Israel Airlines crew bus. Staff for the airline are being transported to the Europa Hotel during a stopover in London.

When the bus pulls up to the hotel, two men with sub-machine guns open fire. One stewardess is killed and nine others are wounded, including passers-by.

Richard Oldridge witnesses the attack and reports:

"Suddenly a man appeared and ran alongside the coach. Somebody closed the coach doors and the man produced a machine gun from his shoulder bag and started firing."

Israeli authorities place some of the blame for this incident with the British government for not providing enough security and not allowing El Al security guards carry their own weapons.

In retaliation for this terrorist attack Israel launches military strikes on Palestinian targets, something which both Britain and the United States will condemn.

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