Madalyn Murray-O'Hair and Rev. Bob Harrington Debate Hot

Madalyn Murray-O'Hair and Rev. Bob Harrington Debate

Jon O'Hair, Madalyn Murray-O'Hair, and Robin Murray-O'Hair

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In Montgomery, Alabama, Madalyn Murray-O'Hair participates in a debate with Rev. Bob Harrington, known as "The Chaplain of Bourbon Street."

This is the latest in a series of debates the two have held, this time in front of a very large crowd.

Because of her lawsuit which led to the elimination of state-written, state-endorsed prayers in public schools, Madalyn Murray-O'Hair is booed as a "demon-directed damsel." Some shout at her "You're a Communist!" while others chant "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!"


Godless In America: Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Part 2

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