Scientology Church Members File Lawsuit Against San Diego Union Paper

Scientology Church Members File Lawsuit Against San Diego Union Paper

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Two members of the Church of Scientology file a lawsuit against the San Diego Union for more than $10,000. According to Jim Lynch and Jonathan Hartzell, both candidates for the ministry in Scientology, two articles which haven't even been published yet are an invasion of their privacy.

Editor Peter Kaye says the lawsuit is nothing more than "harassment aimed at preventing the paper from printing the stories," and that church leaders offered to stop the lawsuit if the newspaper killed the articles. Rev. Jim Thompson, minister of public affairs, says

"There is a difference between spying and investigative reporting. ... We wanted to see the articles before they were published so that we could supply them with correct information and avoid any misunderstandings the reporter might have.

They would have the option to refuse our corrections, but at least we felt we should have the opportunity."


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