Gallup Poll Shows Increased Support for Legal, Private Abortion Rights

Gallup Poll Shows Increased Support for Legal, Private Abortion Rights

Pro-Choice Demonstration, 1973

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Gallup releases a poll (originally conducted in June) showing that 64% of the general public, 56% of Roman Catholics, and 74% of college graduates in America agree with the statement: "The decision to have an abortion should be made solely by a woman and her physician."

This is a dramatic shift in attitudes; in November 1969, another Gallup poll found that just 40% of the public supported legal abortion. In October 1971 it was 50%.

Gallup also found that 75% of the general public and 68% of Catholics agree with: "Professional birth control services and counseling should be made available to unmarried teenagers who are sexually active."

Catholic groups dispute the results, arguing that more Catholics in America must actually oppose legal abortion. Msgr. James T. McHugh, director of the Family Life Bureau of the U.S. Catholic Conference, says:

"By focusing exclusively on the woman's health, the question does not advert to the unborn child's right to life."


Poll Results: America Fundamentally Progressive

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