Madalyn Murray-O'Hair Sues NASA to Stop Astronauts Practicing Religion in Space Hot

Madalyn Murray-O'Hair Sues NASA to Stop Astronauts Practicing Religion in Space

Madalyn Murray and son, William, after the Supreme Court decision, June 17, 1963

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Madalyn Murray-O'Hair files suit against NASA to stop astronauts on duty from practicing religion on or around the moon.

O'Hair's intention is to prevent space in general and the moon in particular from becoming places where the U.S. government can promote or encourage religion.

O'Hair is seeking an injunction

"specifically enjoining NASA and its administrator and personnel from further directing or permitting religious activities or ceremonies and especially reading of the sectarian Christian religion's Bible and from prayer recitation in space and in relation to all future space flight activity."

O'Hair also complains about how astronauts from Apollo 8 and Apollo 11 engaged

"in religious ceremonies and in an attempt to establish the Christian religion of the United States Government before the world while on a scientific-military expedition to, around and about the moon."


Madalyn Murray O'Hair

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Madalyn Murray-O'Hair