Pope Paul VI Makes First Papal Visit to Latin America Hot

Pope Paul VI Makes First Papal Visit to Latin America

Pope Paul VI

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Pope Paul VI arrives in Bogota, Colombia, for the 39th Eucharistic Congress. This begins the first visit of a pope to Latin America. One of the first things he does when he arrives is speak to Latin American bishops about birth control.

Paul VI defend's last months encyclical Humanae Vitaewhich forbids artificial birth control, but adds that this doesn't exclude all possible forms of birth control.

Pope Paul VI says:

"It does not diminish the responsibility or the liberty of husband and wife and does not forbid them a moral and reasonable limitation on birth. It does not hinder any lawful therapy or the progress of scientific research.

But it is a moral and spiritual education that is coherent and profound. It excludes the use of means which profane marital relations and which aim at resolving the great problems of population with over-facile expedients.

It is, ultimately, a defense of life, the gift of God, the glory of the family, the strength of the people."


Paulus VI, a forgotten pope

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