Episcopal Bishop James Pike of San Francisco Charged With Heresy Hot

Episcopal Bishop James Pike of San Francisco Charged With Heresy

Bishop James Albert Pike
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James Albert Pike, Episcopalian Bishop of San Francisco, is charged by fourteen ultraconservative clergymen from Arizona with heresy. They demand that he either make a "public repudiation" of his teachings or stand trial and risk losing his position.

Bishop Pike, a liberal, is accused of denying central Christian teachings like the Virgin Birth and the triune nature of God. According to one of the lead accusers, Rev. Paul B. Urbano, Pike "may unquestionably be a man of high moral character; but a Christian he is not."

Concerned about what a heresy trial might do to the Episcopal Church, a theological committee ignores the heresy charges but reprimands Pike for using women as deacons who had the authority to distribute consecrated wine and bread at Communion.


Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. and Bishop James Albert Pike: "Prayer in the Public Schools"

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