Death of Carl Clauberg While Waiting for War Crimes Trial Hot

Death of Carl Clauberg While Waiting for War Crimes Trial

Carl Clauberg
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Carl Clauberg dies in jail in West Germany while waiting to be tried for war crimes. Clauberg was a German physician who conducted medical experiments on living, conscious, unwilling human subjects in German concentration camps.

Carl Clauberg himself approached Heinrich Himmler requesting permission to conduct experiments to find a way to quickly and efficiently sterilize women in large numbers.

Himmler was only too eager to agree and soon had Clauberg sent to Auschwitz, where he began experimenting on Jewish women. One of his experiments involved injecting liquid acid directly into their uteruses, without any anesthesia.

All of his subjects suffered horribly from his experiments — pain, infections, permanent damage, and often death. Only a few hundred survived, some in Auschwitz and some later in Ravensbrück, where he was moved after the Soviet army started liberating Poland.

After World War II Carl Clauberg was sentenced to 25 years in jail in the Soviet Union, but he was released as part of a prisoner exchange with West Germany. Once home Clauberg started bragging about his "scientific achievements," bringing him to the attention of Holocaust survivors who complained. The West German government jailed him so he could be put on trial again, but he dies before this can happen.


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