Abraham Maslow's Book on Motivation and Personality is Published Hot

Abraham Maslow's Book on Motivation and Personality is Published

Abraham Harold Maslow
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Abraham Maslow's book Motivation and Personality is published. Maslow's book describes his theory of four different levels of motivation which influence how people fulfill their needs.

The levels of motivation are: 1. biological needs; 2. safety and security; 3. love and belongingness; and 4. self-esteem. The first levels are the most basic; later levels build upon the former.

According to Abraham Maslow, the reason we need to understand these different motivations is to aid the self-actualization of a person. Anyone who manages to fulfill all of their levels of needs is a person who has a "more efficient" perception of reality. This is because that perception is not distorted by unfulfilled needs eating away at them.

Maslow argues that such a person is also more resistant to social repression and indoctrination, has a stronger sense of friendship with others, and is more spontaneous and creative.


Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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