Polish Resistance Launches Full-Scale Operation Against Nazis in Warsaw Uprising Hot

Polish Resistance Launches Full-Scale Operation Against Nazis in Warsaw Uprising

SS General Jürgen Stroop at the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
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Political History

Warsaw Uprising: The Polish resistance launches a full-scale operation against the occupying Nazi army in Warsaw. The signal to begin this uprising is the appearance of Soviet tanks in Warsaw's eastern suburbs.

The purpose of this uprising is to help defeat the Nazis, but also to establish legitimacy for the Polish government in exile in Britain. The more the Polish resistance is able to accomplish, they more they will be able to claim that Poles liberated Warsaw, not foreigners.

They key to the success of the Warsaw Uprising is receiving assistance from the Soviet Red Army within a few days. The Polish resistance is highly motivated and surprisingly well equipped, but cannot hope to stand up against the Nazis.

However, the Soviets outside Warsaw refuse to move and just sit for several weeks. This ensures that the Polish resistance fighters are not merely defeated, but practically slaughtered. The order to halt the advance outside Warsaw comes directly from the Kremlin and serves Soviet post-war political goals: imposing a Soviet-backed government on Poland.


Warsaw Uprising 1944

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