Treblinka Death Camp Prisoners Launch Rebellion Against Nazi Guards Hot

Treblinka Death Camp Prisoners Launch Rebellion Against Nazi Guards

Sign outside the Treblinka Concentration Camp

Prisoners in the Treblinka death camp launch a rebellion against the Nazi guards. The plan is to steal guns, cut the phone lines, and kill the Nazi guards before fleeing into the nearby woods.

New transports of Jews to Treblinka had ceased early in 1943. By this point, operations at Treblinks are focused less on killing and more on covering up the evidence of past killings.

Code named Aktion 1005, prisoners are forced to dig up the mass graves, remove the corpses, and burn them. It's messy, horrifying work, but the prisoners have made so much progress by this point that they fear they will soon no longer be needed — and therefore will soon be killed themselves. This is why they plan an uprising.

Unfortunately, an altercation leads to a guard being shot by a prisoner before the rebellion is scheduled to begin. This forces things to start early, and events proceed in a very uncoordinated fashion.

Hundreds of prisoners storm the gates, but many are shot by the guards. Only 300-600 actually make it to the woods and only 40 survive World War II.


Treblinka : destruction of the bodies

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