Nazi Deportation of Belgian Jews to Auschwitz Begins Hot

Nazi Deportation of Belgian Jews to Auschwitz Begins

Jews Arriving in Auschwitz, 1942

The Nazis begin deporting Jews from Belgium. They leave from the city of Malines and are on their way to Auschwitz where they will be killed. Over the following two years, 26 trainloads of Jews — filled with both Belgians and non-Belgians — are sent to Auschwitz.

The Nazis deport a total of 25,631; of them, only 1,244 will survive.

Ultimately, the murder of so many Jews is only possible with the help and cooperation of the Belgian authorities. Most Belgians regard Jews as foreigners, even those with Belgian citizenship. This belief is a critical ingredient in the sort of anti-Semitism which proceeds to expulsion and/or extermination.


Belgian Deportation

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