Münster Bishop Clemens von Galen Condemns Organized Killing of Mental Patients Hot

Münster Bishop Clemens von Galen Condemns Organized Killing of Mental Patients

Bishop August Graf von Galen

Clemens August Graf von Galen, Catholic Bishop of Münster in Westphalia, delivers a sermon in the St. Lamberti Church in which he condemns the organized killing of mental patients by the Nazi government.

He argues, among other things, that once human beings are treated like machines which can be thrown away when they no longer function properly, then there is no telling where and when the killing will cease.

Galen specifically references the situation for invalids and severely wounded soldiers, something which probably helps increase the popularity of this sermon as it spreads all over Germany and is even taken to soldiers in the front.

He even goes so far as to demand prosecution of those who "murder under German law and in the eyes of God."

Bishop von Galen's sermon today is not enough to force an end to the euthanasia program, but now the program will have to start to operating on a much more limited basis and in much greater secrecy. Galen becomes a thorn in the side of the Nazi regime and it will be discovered later that the Nazis had planned on eliminating him when they achieved total victory in the war.


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