Gestapo Chief Müller Demands Reports for Hitler on Liquidations of Jews

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SS-Brigadiergeneral Heinrich Müller, head of the Gestapo, delivers a message to the commanders of all four Einsaztgruppen working the east that Hitler is to be given continual reports on their progress in liquidating Jews, communists, and other subversives.

Because his position places him between Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Eichmann, Müller is responsible for ensuring that Eichmann fulfills all of the goals of the Holocaust which Himmler and Hitler have.

According to Müller:

"The Führer is to be kept informed continually from here about the work of the Einsatzgruppen in the East."
p>After the war, Heinrich Müller is never found, dead or alive. He will be the highest ranking Nazi official who is never captured or confirmed dead.


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