Gunter d'Alquen: Jewish Question Will be Solved by Eliminating All Jews Hot

Gunter d'Alquen: Jewish Question Will be Solved by Eliminating All Jews

Hungarian Jews during selection at Auschwitz; women in foreground being sent to toward Crematorium III a few yards to the left

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In Das Schwarze Korps (The Black Corps), the official newspaper of the SS, editor Gunter d'Alquen explains that Nazi Germany will only solve the "Jewish Question" by eliminating all Jews.

The article says:

"The European Jewish question is not to be solved through homeopathic remedies and not by administrative or humane directions.

When Germany finally solves the Jewish Problem, and when the last Jews has been eliminated, then finally the rest of Europe will know that the German peace which we await must be a peace without Jews."

This elimination, however, seems more about forced deportation than mass murder:

"Germany's and Italy's victory will secure space far away from European labor and culture where the scum of humanity may try to lead a life of its own toil or die a death it earned."

That, of course, will change soon.


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