Harsh Wartime Penal Code is Introduced for German Military Hot

Harsh Wartime Penal Code is Introduced for German Military

German Wehrmacht

In preparation for the invasion of Poland, the Special Wartime Penal Code is introduced to deter soldiers from any criminal or subversive activities (Wehrkraftzersetzung — "undermining military morale," "sedition and defeatism").

Punishment is harsh, to say the least: around 30,000 members of the German military will be sentenced to death by military courts. All Allied military courts, by comparison, sentence fewer than 300 service members to death over the course of the entire war.

This was originally the day Adolf Hitler intended to invade Poland. That invasion has been delayed until September 1 because yesterday it was announced that Poland and Great Britain have entered into a mutual defense pact.

Because of this new treaty, any attack on one will be treated as an attack on the other; as a practical matter, everyone recognizes that the purpose is for Britain to demonstrate that they want to guarantee the sovereignty of Poland against German aggression.


WW2 — Invasion of Poland

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