Jews in Germany Must Deposit All Funds in Special Accounts Held in Approved Banks

Jews in Germany Must Deposit All Funds in Special Accounts Held in Approved Banks

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Jews are required to deposit all their funds in special accounts held in specially approved banks.

Withdrawals from these accounts can only occur with special permission. No interest is earned on money in these accounts, though of course banks will be using it to secure loans which they will be charging interest on.

A major goal of the Nazi regime is to deprive Jews of their property; it has long been a core feature of anti-Semitism that Jews' property has been stolen from Christians, and therefore they deserve to have it stolen back.

These special accounts will make it easier for the Nazis to take Jews' funds when they are rounded up and sent to extermination camps.

It's not coincidental that this move comes two weeks before the Nazi invasion of Poland: without the resources being confiscated from Jews, it wouldn't be possible to fund the wars of aggression that Nazi Germany is about to launch.

A study done after the war will estimate that up to a third of the entire German war effort will be paid for with money confiscated from the Jews. The Finance Ministry in Berlin will take an estimated 120 billion Reichsmarks [nearly US$ 20 billion in 2010] from Jews.


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