Interior Minister Frick Orders Germans to Register for Possible War Effort

Interior Minister Frick Orders Germans to Register for Possible War Effort

Wilhelm Frick
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Wilhelm Frick, Nazi Minister of the Interior, orders the registration of every German between the ages of 5 and 70. The registration cards must be completed quickly enough so they can be filed in Berlin no later than August 19; the goal is to ensure peak preparedness for German national defense.

People must include all personal information, including profession, training, skills and physical condition. All German citizens are already registered with local police, but this new registration creates a centralized database for the Nazi government to use in tabulating and organizing data about the entire nation.

According to Frick:

"Should Germany be attacked then women and men unable to bear arms will have to support the fighting army by substituting at home in even a greater degree than during the World War."

Failure to register will produce a harsh penalty: a fine of up to 150 Reichsmarks ($60 in 1939, around $930 in 2010) and up to six weeks imprisonment.

Even Jews are required by law to fill out the card — though future events will demonstrate that providing all this information to the Nazi government in Berlin won't have anything to do with their being able to contribute to the war effort.


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