Propaganda Ministry Condemns Pastoral Letter Complaining Nazis Trying to Destroy Church Hot

Propaganda Ministry Condemns Pastoral Letter Complaining Nazis Trying to Destroy Church

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In Nazi Germany, the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda under Joseph Goebbels denounces a pastoral letter from the German College of Bishops which complains that the Nazi government is trying to destroy the Catholic church.

Written shortly after their recent conference in Fulda and read in all the Catholic pulpits two days ago, it says that the Catholic Church and Christianity itself are under attack. But the propaganda ministry says that's "nonsense."

According to the official statement:

"All one has to do is to compare what the German state has done for the Catholic Church. The government is paying millions of Reichsmarks annually to the church and the fact that the reading of the letter was possible clearly demonstrates that there can be no talk of persecution.

The government itself has the most earnest desire to protect the church from anti-religious demonstrations."

Addressing the allegation the Bishop Johann Sproll of Wurtemberg was ejected by the Nazis, they say:

"Sproll, who was a German citizen, violated one of the fundamental principles of German citizenship by not participating in the April 10 plebiscite [on the Anschluß with Austria]. This naturally led to demonstrations against the bishop, increasing in seriousness after the bishop returned to the diocese after a temporary absence. To prevent the anti-Sproll tendency from gaining greater momentum, the authorities were forced to expel the bishop from Wurtemberg."


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