Interior Ministry Issues List of Approved Jewish Names for Newborn Jews Hot

Interior Ministry Issues List of Approved Jewish Names for Newborn Jews

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In Germany, the Reich Interior Ministry under Wilhelm Frick publishes a list of "approved" Jewish names. Last week it was ordered that newborn Jews only be given Jewish first names.

Everyone has been wondering, though, what names would be on the list of "approved" Jewish names — including Nazis with first names like David or Joseph.

The list of of approved names appears in the Official Gazette; there are 185 approved Jewish male names and 91 approved Jewish female names. Male names include Asasuerus, Baruch, Enoch, Herod, and Job. Female names include Jezebel, Rachel, and Rebecca.

The reason for limiting Jews to a particular set of names is basically the same as that for requiring Jews to wear special badges, like the yellow Star of David. Such requirements publicly stigmatize Jews, they reminds Jews that they are different, they make it harder for Jews to act or be treated as equals, and they make it easier to identify Jews later on.


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