Official Jesuit Publication Says Catholics Should Treat Jews Nicely, But Not Trust Them Hot

Official Jesuit Publication Says Catholics Should Treat Jews Nicely, But Not Trust Them

Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1943

In La Civilta Cattolica, an official Jesuit publication founded by Pope Pius IX and published under the direct control of the papacy, editor Father Enrico Rosa writes that Catholics should treat Jews nicely, but not expect the same in return because Jews cannot be trusted.

This is because the Catholic Church has historically been the victim of persecution at the hands of perfidious Jews.

According to Father Rosa:

"Like our predecessors, we absolutely insist on showing justice and charity toward Jews as well, while at the same time being convinced that they will not do the same toward us, as they have certainly not done in the persecutions of the Church that they have unleashed or promoted in the past, in concert with the Freemasons, to whom they have lent powerful support, as well as with other subversive and anti-Christian groups, particularly from the 'great' French Revolution up to our own time.

That has never led us, and will never lead us, to act toward them in the same way, but only to prevent them from doing harm, and to protect others from their omnipotence, and that for the common good, particularly the moral and religious good, as well as for the salvation of the Jews themselves."


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