Germany's Catholic Bishops Attack Communism, Saying it Must be Fought With Religion

Germany's Catholic Bishops Attack Communism, Saying it Must be Fought With Religion

Catholic Clergy Give the Hitler Salute Alongside Nazi Officials
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The Fulda Bishops' conference releases a stinging attack on communism, insisting that everyone must resist and fight communism with religion. They are particularly concerned that Spain might fall to the communists, thus leading to the fall of the rest of Europe.

At the same time, though, the German bishops deny that political ideologies are the best means for fighting communism.

The bishops say:

"If Spain should now succumb to Bolshevism, Europe's fate might not be sealed but it would be dangerously jeopardized.

The task which would face our nation in such an eventuality is obvious. May our Führer Hitler with God's help succeed in solving this staggering problem unflinchingly, aided by the faithful cooperation of all Germans. ...

Both Russian and Spanish Bolshevists consider the Catholic Church and its clergy and orders their most implacable and most dangerous enemy. ...

This sheds on our priests and monks a different light from that of the slanders circulated in recent months in Germany. ...

Communism will not be struck in its deepest roots by military force, but through resurrection in Jesus Christ of Europe in general and our fatherland in particular.

No Weltanschauung [worldview, ideology] based solely on blood and things temporal can help here.

Whoever fails to oppose Bolshevism in the realm of religion hereby opens the door for it to invade the political and economic realm also, and no power on earth can drive it away."


Father Coughlin: Not Anti Semitism But Anti Communism

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