Hitler Issues Decree Requiring All Men Serve Two Years in Military Hot

Hitler Issues Decree Requiring All Men Serve Two Years in Military

Adolf Hitler, 1936

From his retreat in Berchtesgaden, Adolf Hitler issues a decree requiring all men to serve two years in the military.

It's a short, simple decree without a lot of explanation or fanfare. It seems likely that Hitler doesn't want to draw too much attention to it.

The new decree simply says:

"The duration of the tour of service with all three branches of the Wehrmacht is set at two years.

The Reich Minister of War and the Supreme Commander of the Wehrmacht will issue the necessary regulations for the implementation thereof, and regarding the transition period."

The Völkischer Beobachter describes this as "another step by our Führer to ensure peace and to protect our nation.

The Nazi Party itself justifies the extension of military service by pointing to an

"international group, agitating to water down those of pure blood by advocating intermarriage among the races, thus attempting to induce chaos and precipitate a Communist takeover equalling the destruction of the entire world."

Fear of mixed marriages sounds like an odd reason to beef up the military, but it's important to remember that for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, there's no significant distinction between the Jews at home and communists abroad — including those running the Soviet Union.


Adolf Hitler at Berchtesgaden May 1939

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