Interior Minister Frick Explains Germany's Policies on Eugenics and Sterilization

Interior Minister Frick Explains Germany's Policies on Eugenics and Sterilization

Wilhelm Frick

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Wilhelm Frick, Nazi Minister of the Interior, gives a speech at a population congress in which he explains Germany's involvement with eugenics and sterilization. According to Frick, Nazi Germany is trying to encourage marriage and procreation between people who will produce the most useful members for German society.

Wilhelm Frick explains:

"National Socialism has led Germany back to organic thinking. That explains why Nazi Germany unfolds its greatest activity in the realm of population science. Measures already adopted have resulted in increasing for 1934 the birth rate by 23.4%. But we also know this has been due to exceptionally favorable circumstances. The increase is not sufficient to maintain our population.

There can be no lasting solution to our unemployment problem without a solution to our population problem; there can be no solution to the problem of women without leading woman back into the family as housewife and mother.

It must be emphasized again and again that the income for the hereditarily sound family must be safeguarded. Compensation must be found for the added economic burdens assumed by that family. ... Our sterilization law is only sort of an emergency measure calculated to ward off an acute, immediate danger. The foundation of German care for heredity will henceforth lie in careful marital advice."

Frick also notes that abortion will be banned in Nazi Germany:

"The Nazi state believes the life of the unborn child may not be destroyed for economic reasons. If parents are not in a condition to bring up their children, then the community must come to the rescue."
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