Germany's Catholic Bishops Denounce Idea that Catholics Rebel Against Government Hot

Germany's Catholic Bishops Denounce Idea that Catholics Rebel Against Government

Alfred Rosenberg, 1932

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In a pastoral letter to all German Catholics, the Fulda Bishops' Conference stress that "Catholics do not stage revolts and do not offer violent resistance."

They do, however, complain to Hitler about how Alfred Rosenberg's anti-Christian writings are given so much publicity by official organs of the Nazi Party. They also express concern about attempts to create a "national church free from Rome." According to the bishops, attempts to create a national German church look like anti-Catholicism.

The idea of a national Christian church, based on Protestantism and National Socialism, is gaining ground among Christians in Germany. What this statement means is that Catholic bishops consider it legitimate to raise objections when the state does things that are contrary to Catholicism, but it's not legitimate to revolt against a government — not even when it seeks to destroy civil liberties and impose an absolutist, authoritarian system on everyone.


Alfred Rosenberg Questioned at Nuremberg Major War Criminals Trial

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