Reichsbank President Schacht: Jews Must be Removed from German Culture, Society Hot

Reichsbank President Schacht: Jews Must be Removed from German Culture, Society

Hjalmar Schacht, 1935

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Hjalmar Schacht, President of the Reichsbank, describes the Nazi government's position on Jews by saying that they must be removed from German culture and society.

According to Schacht:

"The Jew must realize that their influence is gone for all times.

We desire to keep our people and our culture pure and distinctive, just as the Jews have always demanded this of themselves since the time of the prophet Ezra.

But the solution of these problems must be brought about under state leadership, and cannot be left to unregulated individual actions, which mean a disturbing influence on the national economy."

This may be linked to Adolf Hitler's comments the previous month criticizing "authorized" attacks on Jews and Jewish businesses.

Jews continue to play an important role in Germany's economy, so uncoordinated attacks may be disrupting things too much because the Nazis are not yet prepared to move against Jews as a whole.


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