Bishop Preysing Criticizes Nazi Attacks on Catholicism

Bishop Preysing Criticizes Nazi Attacks on Catholicism

Bishop Konrad von Preysing

In Germany, Bishop Konrad von Preysing of the Berlin Diocese publishes a proclamation entitled "At War" in which he criticizes how the Nazi Party and Nazi government have been treating Catholics.

The proclamation says:

"No doubt is possible that we Christians are in a grave battIe. Against us stands the faith out of blood. It is represented in several great directions besides numerous leagues that differ only in their religious-racial emphasis.

Some openly call themselves pagans and regard it as an honorable name. Others less consistent decline to be called so, although their thinking springs from the same roots.

The battle signals range from cool repudiation to hate-fllled causes. Weapons are used that centuries have dulled. ...

The aim of this battle is to dislodge Christianity from our German Fatherland. In official speeches by leading men of racial religion we hear this less openly than in statements by second and third opponents.

A sense of victory is apparent in anti-Christianity's ranks. Its first aim is to take the school from the church. A German Weltanschauung [outlook on the world] is to be built up in the child."

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