Nazi Leaders Attack Political Catholicism in Germany Hot

Nazi Leaders Attack Political Catholicism in Germany

Joseph Goebbels

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The Nazi Party puts up large purple posters around Germany attacking "political Catholicism." Signed by Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister, they claim that Catholics have joined with communists to desecrate churches and then blame the Nazis.

The posters say:

"Germans, hark! Conscienceless agitators are at work to drive you into a Kulturkampf. They misuse religion for a base political purpose. That is sabotage of the nation's domestic peace. Lies and the like are being used because other means fail.

While the Führer is victoriously completing the greatest political battle in history to win work and freedom for the German people, Catholic Center forces are working arm in arm with bolshevism and employ its methods against the National Social State, which has saved Europe and its culture from Bolshevist annihilation.

Deliver to general contempt these traitors to the people who would conduct their dirty business under the mask of religion. Eternal enemies of the Reich want to destroy German unity. The government and the party will soon end this shameless activity. You German people take care and beware of obscurantists who come in sheep's clothing but are clawing wolves inside."

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