Nazi Inquisition Launched Against Dissenting Protestant Clergy Hot

Nazi Inquisition Launched Against Dissenting Protestant Clergy

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Reports coming out of Germany indicate that the Gestapo has launched an "inquisition" against Protestant pastors who are refusing to submit to Reichbishop Ludwig Müller, head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Germany.

Reichbishop Müller is supported by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, but many pastors are concerned that he compromises the independence of the church. Others disagree with this Antisemitism.

Regardless of their reasons for dissent, almost every pastor arrested recently does, in some fashion, disagree with Reichbishop Müller.

The wife of one arrested pastor is quoted as saying:

"We are prepared to endure any hardship. Nothing can shake our belief in God.

We know we are in the hands of the Lord who will guide us and our followers through the darkness of these days."

Others, though, are strong supporters of the new movement in the German Protestant churches.

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