Hitler Youth Leader Attacks Christianity Hot

Hitler Youth Leader Attacks Christianity

Baldur Benedikt von Schirach, Leader of the Hitler Youth

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August Hoppe, a spokesman from the Hitler Youth press department, writes an article in the periodical Nordland attacking Christianity.

This stands in sharp contrast to recent comments from Adolf Hitler on behalf of Positive Christianity.

According to August Hoppe:

"The time has come to take up the fight against Christianity. Germans must and shall realize that their conversion to Christianity was a crime against the race and the people which put them completely at the mercy of powers outside the state. ...

Discard the last message of Christian training, so destructive of us Nordics. Abandon the Jewish-Christian conception of sin, pity, and loving the enemy. ...

Pity and mercy be damned. Praise that which steels. Christianity's totality claim is a thing of the past. "

August Hoppe is a zealous devotee of the writings and ideas of Alfred Rosenberg and one of the few Nazi leaders to express such strongly-worded agreement with Rosenberg's writings.

The Catholic publication Kirchenblatt responds:

"We ask the responsible authorities of the state how these utterances of Hitler Youth can possibly be reconciled with assurances for Positive Christianity recently emphasized by an authoritative voice?"


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