German Christians Celebrate Hitler's Victory Hot

German Christians Celebrate Hitler's Victory

Reichbishop Ludwig Müller

In the Friedrichshain Convention Hall in Berlin, there's a large meeting of at least 5,000 members of the German Christian movement to celebrate Adolf Hitler's victory in today's plebiscite.

Reichbishop Ludwig Müller, head of the German Evangelical Church, addresses the meeting and declares Anti-Semitism is a vital component for German Christianity.

According to Reichbishop Müller:

"[This vote is] the beginning of the whole nation's Christianity, since it had the courage to vote for and stand behind the leader in his fight against the Jews. ...

Hitler's fight is a fight for Christendom against Jews, the most savage enemies of Christianity. The German people, united today, may go through bitterness and distress but will win this campaign for Christianity even if the Jews get together and determine to destroy the nation. ...

As in the days of the old Christians, faith is equal to confidence. Jesus, preaching the gospel, pleaded for confidence. So did our Führer; when he put the plebiscite as a question of confidence to the nation.

We as true Christians had to give him our 'ja,' as only our consent gives him the right to defend, our religion."

Walter Kinder, a Protestant church leader, closes the meeting with the German Christian society slogan: "With God, under the leadership of Hitler, we will march on."

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