Hitler Tells People to Vote for Merger of Offices of President and Chancellor Hot

Hitler Tells People to Vote for Merger of  Offices of President and Chancellor

Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler gives a speech in Hamburg at the Blohm and Voss shipyard in which he encourages the German people to vote in two days in favor of merging the offices of Reich President (Reichspräsident, the head of state) and Reich Chancellor (Reichskanzler, the head of government).

Hitler says:

"I myself have no other aim in the future than the aim I have had for the fifteen years lying behind me. I wish to devote my whole life, unto my dying breath, to one task: making Germany free, healthy and happy once more.

Just as I have viewed the fulfillment of my task in the past as the conquest of the Germans for this same concept, so will I do today and in the future. That is why the law of August 3 of this year is being presented to the German Volk for its verdict.

We have malicious enemies in the world. Do what we might, a certain international conspiracy will stop at nothing to interpret it as something bad. ...

For since I have become involved in the political fight, I have been governed and guided, so help me God, by a single thought: Germany!"


1932 Hindenburg casts his vote

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