Pastors Who Defy Authority of Reichbishop Müller Arrested by Secret Police

Pastors Who Defy Authority of Reichbishop Müller Arrested by Secret Police

Reichbishop Ludwig Müller

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In Nazi Germany, the secret police arrest a number of pastors who have defied the leadership and authority of Reichsbishop Ludwig Müller of the Evangelical church.

All those taken into custody apparently read a strongly-worded denunciation of Müller from their pulpits today, the culmination of months of fighting in the Evangelical Church.

According to the dissenting pastors, the proceedings and resolutions of the recent National Synod are invalid according to both secular and church law:

"Whoever obeys them commits a breach of church constitution and Church law.

We refuse to obey the call upon congregations and churches to make themselves guilty of the same breaches of law."


Reichsbischof Ludwig Müller and Baldur von Schirach "God bless our German Fatherland!"

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