Nazi Paper Runs Photo of Msgr. Steinmann Giving Hitler Salute

Nazi Paper Runs Photo of Msgr. Steinmann Giving Hitler Salute

Catholic Clergy Give the Hitler Salute Alongside Nazi Officials
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The Völkischer Beobachter, official propaganda paper for the Nazi Party, publishes a picture of Monsignor Paul Steinmann, Vicar General of Berlin, and other Catholic clerics giving the stiff-armed Hitler salute.

Vicar General Steinmann and the other clerics are participating in a meeting of thousands of Catholic youths of the Berlin Bishopric that took place in Berlin a few days ago.

All of the youth at the rally were expected to pledge themselves to the Führer, Adolf Hitler, and Steinmann explained to them that he "has been appointed by God."

By leading them all in that salute, Steinmann was communicating the message that Hitler, the Nazis, and their fascist government policies are all consistent with Catholicism. Now that message is being spread across all of Germany as well.


Christian Hitler Invoking God - Gott Mit Uns

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