Potempa Resident Konrad Pietrzuch is Murdered by SA Stormtroopers Hot

Potempa Resident Konrad Pietrzuch is Murdered by SA Stormtroopers

Adolf Hitler and Franz von Papen, 1935

Potempa Murder: Konrad Pietrzuch, a communist and unemployed laborer living in Potempa, Upper Silesia, is brutally murdered when at least nine members of Hitler's SA burst into his home and beat him to death in front of his mother.

The men don't bother trying to hide their identities, which says something about the political atmosphere, and they are quickly arrested. At trial, seven will be found guilty and five of them sentenced to death before the end of the month.

Their trial will become a national sensation because just hours earlier Franz von Papen had issued a decree imposing the death penalty on anyone who murdered a political opponent. This makes Papen appear to be partially responsible for the death sentence of five committed Nazis, complicating negotiations between him and Adolf Hitler over Nazi participation in the German government.

In addition, Hitler has expressed his support for the men — and not just for them personally, but also for their actions. This support for political violence will make him less appealing to traditional conservatives like President Paul von Hindenburg as a partner in the national government.

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