Arabs Massacre 67 Jews in Hebron Hot

Arabs Massacre 67 Jews in Hebron

Hebron Massacre Survivor, 1929
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Hebron Massacre: In Hebron, under the British Mandate of Palestine, Arabs massacre 67 Jews and dozens of homes and synagogues are ransacked. Most of the victims are Ashkenazi Jewish men, but there are also a dozen or so women and children who are killed.

The Arabs participating in the massacre of Jews have been incited to this violence by being told that Jews are massacring Arabs and taking over Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem. All of this serves as a preview of the coming century of relations between Muslims and Jews in the region.

Hebron is a holy place for both Jews and Muslims; adherents of both faiths have lived here in relative peace even though tensions have been rising elsewhere. Several hundred Jews are saved by Arab families who hide them in their homes despite the dangers. Later they will be evacuated from the region entirely.

Nevertheless, much of the trust between Arabs and Jews is lost and the Jewish settlers in Palestine increase efforts to organize for their self-defense, including creating the Haganah paramilitary group which will later become the Israel Defense Force.


Hebron Massacre, The First Documented Massacre In The Holyland

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